"We're the Wrekasaurs. We take what we want, from who we want, whenever. We. Want it." - T- Wrex to Ty's Team and D-Struct's Team

Summary Edit

The Wrekasaurs are an antagonistic organization, led by Terral Wrex.

Members Edit

Terral Wrex- A heavily modified T- Trux. Leader and co-founder

Spectal- An ingenious Rotillian Reptool. Head mechanic, head strategist, and co-founder.

Cruncha- A smarter than average Rolladon. T-Wrex's second in command.

Boom and Doom- Cruel and cunning twin Dynaspikes.

Thrall- Silent Magnodile.

Shokz- A Jumpertool and Spectal's second in command.

Rip-it, Ram-it, Tear-it - Three Scraptools under Spectal's command.