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Clay is Tyrannosaurus Trux. She looks like Ty but is a bit bigger and her wrecking ball is a bit bigger and pointer. She is green.


Clay has happy and cheerful personality but she is a bit of a sacredy cat when it comes to D-Structs.


Clay used to live outside the crater before she was driven out by another Tyrannosaurs Trux that was bigger than her. She came to the crator. She was rolling around the crator when D-Structs found her. She fought him but he beat her. He swung his ball at her and hit her hard. She landed in the forest and was unconscious.

The next day when Ton-Ton and Dozer were on a ore run when their feeder was out of ore. The two had found her and told Ty and the others. They had brought her back to the garage. Revvit and the other reptools had started to repair her. For over a week she was unconscious so the Dinotruxs decided to build a spot in the garage for her and put her in her new spot.

She woke up a week after D-Structs had beat her and knocked her out. She had woke up when the Dinotruxs were out. She went out of the garage and to a lake in crater. Ty came up and had talked to her. But it turns out she wasn't the only one new to the crator she had her best friend a reptool that almost looks like Revvit named Mica. Ty recruited her and her reptool friend to the Dinotrux team.